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Hi !

I'm Claire, from Brittany, France. I'm a surface pattern designer and a maker with a passion for abstract shapes and textures. (I have a degree in interior design, so that must come from that ;) 

I have always loved patterns, and my oldest souvenir of pattern comes from the very 70's wallpaper in my grandmother's bedroom. I love the way a pattern can make us travel and dream.

What else ? I love to create things with my hands. I am currently really into homedecor terrazzo making and my other new passion in life is making rugs !

Oh ! And I'm also a big traveller, I did a huge world trip a few years back and several big road trips in several countries, well ...with roads ;) I can't wait to plan my next trip ! 

In the meantime, I draw a lot and I dream about my new house in Brittany.

I would love to collaborate with you !

Feel free to contact me at claire@claireiglesias.com.

If you want to see my latest work, come say hi on Instagram.